October 1, 2022
Pinterest Pinsights Trend Forecast

Pinterest Pinsights Trend Forecast Released

The Pinterest Pinsights Trend Forecast just came out, detailing what topics and things get the most attention by Pinners on the image-centric pinboard…

Pinterest just released its latest Pinsights Trend Forecast, which include: water wear, totes, Hygge, banana themed decor, recipes, desserts, and more.

Pinterest Pinsights Trend Forecast Now Available

The first trend on the Pinterest trend forecast list is water wear. “Move over rompers, one-piece bathing suits (+143%) and bodysuits (+89%) are the new ‘one and done’ outfit of summer. Just add a straw tote (+125%) and you’ll be making waves,” Christine Cassis writes.

Hygge takes the second position on the list, a Danish coziness concept which exerts a strong influence on the home decor category this year. In fact, it’s up by 16x, with plenty of creative twists to make different styles work for summer. Additionally, banana leaf patterns are now found just about everywhere in home decor, as well as indoor rattan. For the latter, saves are up double since May, according to Pinterest.

With the warm months upon us, camping is a rising topic, with some interesting recipes to go along with the season. Dessert also makes the list, because “Pinners want more s’mores, from campfire cones to rice crispy treat upgrades, and this strawberry s’mores has been saved more than 60,000 times. And the best yet? People are sneaking alcohol into the gooey goodness, because of course. Try the popular s’moretini shooter or Bailey’s-dipped marshmallows.”

Pinterest recently stepped up security on the network with two-factor authentication. It also made improvements to Pinterest Lens, giving it a new look and added tools. The company is currently up to 175 million MAUs or monthly active users.

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