July 30, 2021
Pinterest Search Filters Don't Catch All Abusive Material and Fake News

Pinterest’s Search Filters aren’t Catching All the Bad Stuff they’re Supposed To

Pinterest search filters are widely praised for their effectiveness, but they don’t catch everything and there are still ways around the moderation…

There’s been a substantial amount of accolades for Pinterest’s content moderation. Pinterest itself puts a lot of emphasis on its filter prowess. But, it definitely has its limitations. The folks over at OneZero has found a number of cases where the systems failed. These examples include sexualized photos of young girls, conspiracy theories, and racist material. The issues are centered on some loopholes that subvert its systems.

Pinterest Search Filters Don’t Catch All Abusive Material and Fake News

Pinterest’s search filters work quite well on the website or mobile app itself. In fact, it’s not possible to search from the home page without being logged into an active account. However, users can get around this protection simply by visiting another account’s page. Also, using the right types of Google searches will surface a bunch of stuff that Pinterest’s internal filters would otherwise catch.

All of this, not to mention the fact that Pinterest’s autocomplete and recommendation systems sometimes also point users toward racist material and misleading content. In other words, it’s entirely possible to obfuscate Pinterest’s content moderation, but doing so does require some degree of workarounds.

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