April 7, 2021
Pinterest Story Pins US Creators' Test Underway

Pinterest is Now Experimenting with an Revised Version of its Stories Format, ‘Story Pins,’ with Creators in the US

Pinterest is back with its take on the popular stories social media format and this time, it’s called Story Pins, available only to creators in the US…

After Snapchat created and introduced the Stories format, it immediately became popular. So much, Facebook took notice and copied it. Then, released versions on its flagship, along with subsidiary Instagram.

Other platforms also cloned the feature, including YouTube. (Even microblog Twitter and streaming service Spotify are experimenting with similar concepts.) Pinterest too, joined the fad last year, but seemed to abandon it later. Now, it’s back, as Story Pins.

Pinterest Story Pins US Creators’ Test Underway

The new Pinterest Story Pins are only available to creators in the United States. And, they differ from others. For example, Story Pins previously included pages of text, multiple images, videos, as well as links. Now, the revamped version places its focus on “inspirational content.”

This is a clear departure from the familiar stories format, which are self-focused. Instead, these are intended to spread uplifting messages and media. Plus, Story Pins are clickable, which makes them far more interactive and immersive.

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