September 16, 2022
Pinterest two-factor authentication

Pinterest Two-Factor Authentication Rolls Out

Pinterest two-factor authentication is coming to the digital pinboard platform over the next few weeks, providing extra security for Pinners…

Today, Pinterest announced it is offering two-factor authentication for Pinners, with the option rolling out over the coming weeks. “This feature adds extra security by requiring a verification code each time you log in. Get the code via text message, or download Twilio’s Authy app for even stronger security,” Emanuele Cesena, security engineer wrote.

Pinterest Two-Factor Authentication Debuts

The Pinterest two-factor authentication option will become available to all users or Pinners, using the familiar process. Two-factor authentication on Pinterest works much like it does on other platforms. Pinners enabling the option enter their passwords, along with short codes sent via SMS text to their mobile devices, for login attempts.

“Once it’s available, just head to the Security section of your account settings on the web. Two-factor authentication protects your whole account once it’s enabled—so if you turn it on from the web, you’ll need a code to log in on any device, like your iPhone or Android phone.”

The digital pinboard explains if it detects a login attempt from a new device or location, a user will receive an email alert. Confirming the login attempt verifies it’s the account holder. If it’s an unauthorized login attempt, Pinterest advises resetting the password. Pinners can opt to receive the short code for two-factor authentication via push notification, instead of SMS text.

Pinterest just introduced a new look for Lens, along with more tools. In May, the company rolled out a visual discovery feature to enhance promoted Pins.

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