August 5, 2022
Pinterest visual discovery

Pinterest Visual Discovery to Enhance Promoted Pins

Pinterest visual discovery technology will power Promoted Pins to make them more effective marketing tools with machine learning, helping Pinners find items…

Back in February, Pinterest introduced three different visual discovery tools: Shop the Look, Instant Ideas, and Lens beta. Now, the digital pinboard is bring the machine learning technology to Promoted Pins in an effort to make them more effective.

Pinterest Visual Discovery to Make Promoted Pins more Effective

The image-centric platform states its technology allows it to identify particulars within images. Pinterest states it’s already used this machine learning technology to identify more than 1 billion objects. This aids in enhancing its huge search volume.

“Pinners do over 2 billion keyword searches each month. But finding ideas on Pinterest isn’t just about typing words into a box. Pinners also search using nothing but the Pin images they find here on Pinterest. In fact, we also see over  250 million visual searches a month,” Umesh Unnikrishnan writes.

Credit: Pinterest/TechCrunch

Pinterest is infusing its image match capabilities with new image-based Promoted Pin content inside of Instant Ideas, as well as Related Pins. This gives brands more reach to relevant audiences by matching the style and not just based on keywords.

“When something catches a Pinner’s eye in their home feed, they can discover related ideas and Promoted Pins just by tapping the Instant Ideas O. And if they’re looking at a Pin closeup, they can scroll down to discover related ideas and Promoted Pins inspired by the Pin they’re looking at. These new placement opportunities give businesses like yours added visibility, and visual discovery makes your Pins feel more relevant. And Pinners? They see exactly the products they’re looking for.”

Since September of last year, Pinterest announced improved ad targeting. In October, the online pinboard platform also introduced new retargeting options. Its visual discovery tool went into beta back in February.

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