September 20, 2022
Pixel Call Screen Audio Saving Option Disappearing from Some Phones

Pixel Owners Reporting their Phones have Lost the Option to Save Call Screen Audio

Some Pixel phone owners are experiencing the sudden disappearance of the ability to save Call Screen audio on their devices…

Google released a nifty feature not too long ago called Call Screen. It does precisely what it sounds like. The built-in AI Google Assistant answers incoming calls and then presents a few options to the recipient. (These include “Tell me more,” “Is it urgent?,” “Call me back,” and more.)

Additionally, Call Screen is also able to capture audio and save it. At least, that was the case. Now, some Pixel owners are reporting that particular feature has gone missing.

Pixel Call Screen Audio Saving Option Disappearing from Some Phones

The Pixel Call Screen automated answering service is now widely available to most models. But, in the wake of the roll out, it appears that its audio-saving tool is no longer part of the package.

The feature first debuted in the early part of December last year. It allows Pixel owners to save audio, along with a text transcription from any screened call to review at leisure.

It resided in the Settings section but in an obscure area that wasn’t all that easy to find. However, it looks as though some device owners are reporting it’s gone entirely, according to the Associated Press.

At this time, it’s unclear how widespread the issue (or perhaps purposeful change) is and whether or not it will return.

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