October 1, 2022

Plus Allowing GIF Profile Pics

Google Plus supports GIFMountain View, California–There’s a new development in Google Plus. This past Monday, the dominant search engine released a statement which announced that its social property would now allow animated GIF profile images. GIF or Graphics Interchange Format images are generally animated and have been waning in popularity for some time.

The announcement came with a link which displays search results for how to make a GIF. A software engineer at Google, Matt Steiner, wrote on his Google+ profile page the animated GIF format would be compatible with both desktop and mobile interfaces and would look “like newspapers in Harry Potter.”

Google just added a search filter for GIFs and transparent images last week. It can be accessed by going to the search engine’s home page, entering a query, then clicking on “Search Tools after the results have populated. Users can then select “Animated” to narrow their results.

This coincides with a fresh update, released earlier today for Android Apps and Google’s iOS, which contain new filters and photo editing capabilities.

The GIF format was developed by Steve Wilhite in 1987 and is pronounced like the popular peanut butter brand name. At the time, it was a preferred format for developers who would joke, “Choosy developers choose GIF”, a spoof of the famous television ads.

GIF images are typically animated and boast a small space requirement. The format has lost much of its popularity over the past several years but its addition to Google+ might change that.

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