September 26, 2021
Pocket app spoken articles

This App just Got Updated and it Now Reads Articles Aloud

Pocket app spoken articles are a new feature for the mobile experience, reading content out loud when it’s most convenient…

Mozilla has a save-for-later mobile app which just received a huge update. Previously, it functioned solely as an article hub. Users saved content to read later, all in one place. Now, it’s been redesigned and it comes with a super-handy option: spoken articles.

Pocket App Spoken Articles Debut

The new Pocket app spoken articles tool allows users to listen to saved content. Team Pocket added a “more human sounding” voice, but it’s quite utilitarian. It’s not nearly as natural as Google Duplex or even the Google Assistant. Although, it does get the job done.

Plus, the makeover brings a new interface. It’s less cluttered and even sports night-friendly modes, including dark and sepia. There’s also new fonts and text layouts to make long reads easier on the eyes.

With the latest refresh, it acts more like an audio book than just a simple article saver. It’s now available for both Android and iOS devices. (The web version is likewise live but limited to beta, at this time.)

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