February 24, 2021
Pocket Casts beta automatic outro skipping feature debuts

Pocket Casts Adds a New Option to Automatically Skip Outros in its Latest Beta Release

Pocket Casts has introduced a new tool that lets people skip over podcast outros in its most recent beta version, 7.8.1…

Many podcast players have options for skipping past introductions, including jingles, customized intros, and ads.

Some even allow people to set a specific duration — lasting from a few seconds to a couple of minutes — letting them go right past the very beginning and get right to the actual content. Now, Pocket Casts is adding a similar tool but it applies to outros.

Pocket Casts Beta Automatic Outro Skipping Feature Debuts

The new Pocket Casts automatic outro skipping feature comes with the release of the most recent beta. And, it does precisely what one would think — it gives people the power to forego outros.

Users can simply go to any podcast hosted on the platform and hit theĀ Skip last option. From there, manually set the number of seconds to skip. (Which means people will need to be very familiar with their favorite podcasts’ outro lengths.)

It’s a neat idea because it gives people the option to go directly to the main content from one episode to another. Although, there’s a downside, which is setting too long a skip will cause a disruption in the normal ebb and flow.

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