September 18, 2022
Poll Finds Consumers Prefer Wired Headphones over Wireless

New Poll Reveals People Still Very much Prefer Wired Headphones vs Wireless

Wired headphones are still the majority preference for consumers when it compared to wireless, even as manufacturers push the latter…

Smartphone manufacturers are increasingly producing devices devoid of headphone jacks. This, as Bluetooth technology continues to improve markedly. Consumers are being pushed into adopting a wireless world but that hasn’t changed the public’s sentiment about the tried-and-true wired counterparts. A recent poll, conducted by Android Authority clearly shows consumers definitely prefer wired vs wireless.

Poll Finds Consumers Prefer Wired Headphones over Wireless

Though it’s not a scientific measurement, the poll does reveal the overall desire to stay with pure hardware over Bluetooth. More than 9,000 people responded and of those, over 7,000 or approximately 72% voted in favor of wired over wireless. (This, regardless if using 3.5mm or USB-C ports.) However, the margins did slightly change, depending on the platform. For instance, of those voting on Twitter, 53.4% still use wired, but on YouTube that figure jumped to 59% for wired.

The reasons given for preference aren’t a surprise. People cite wired provided better quality sound, less latency, no need to charge batteries, and comfort. It’s not just these reasons wired sticks around, either. It remains a widespread standard among other technologies, like PCs and laptops. 

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