January 17, 2022
illegal movie sharing app Popcorn Time shuts down

ICYMI: Illicit Underground Movie App Shuts Down for Good

Popcorn Time, an app used to share pirated movies, has finally ceased its operations after years of being incrementally active…

Popcorn Time is no more. The app that was originally used to share pirated films is gone forever. Originally launched in 2014, the platform went through a number of iterations. Its creators released it to the internet in December seven years ago, only to abandon it days later. But, since it was open-source, other developers picked up where they left off and it managed to survive in different forms until recently.

Popcorn Time, Illegal Movie Sharing App, Shuts Down Operations for Good

Popcorn Time was introduced with little fanfare. Although, it managed to gain a sizable following in 2015, about a year after its release. However, interest declined sharply in 2016 and the app never retained much interest thereafter. Searches on the app spiked six years ago but experienced a dramatic drop-off the next year. This, along with intellectual property legal action and law enforcement scrutiny, most definitely contributed to its ultimate demise.

The last group behind the app announced in an email that it was shuttering the system for good, proving the difficulties of maintaining such underground operations, even when the people running it remain mostly anonymous.

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