September 16, 2022
outdated bug-infested Android apps still shipping

Researchers Discover Several these Popular Android Apps are Shipping with Outdated and Bug-Infested Software

Security firms have found a number of Android apps are shipping out, despite being riddled with bugs and outdated software…

Security experts have uncovered a slew of popular Android apps to be shipping with unpatched security flaws, including Facebook, AliExpress, and WeChat.

Popular Android Apps Shipping with Outdated, Bug-Infested Software

Researchers at Check Point report finding dozens of Android mobile programs — such as Yahoo Browser, Facebook (and Messenger), AliExpress, SHAREit, and WeChat — to contain out-of-date and therefore, vulnerable libraries. 

Mobile applications are typically built with readily available off-the-shelf components (aka libraries) to achieve specific functionalities. But, some of these become outdated as new threats manifest.

This means, even if end users keep their apps updated to the latest versions, the flaws persist. So, there’s nothing users can do about the compromises. Instead, the responsibility falls to developers to keep their programs up-to-date with the latest security standards.

The problems found affect audio and video playback, among other things. These are documented as CVE-2014-8962CVE-2015-8271, and CVE-2016-3062

Security researchers concluded: 

“If you have a mobile device, you know how important it is to keep the core operating system and all installed apps up to date. It comes as a shock to discover that these precautions are of no help when the app maintainers neglect to incorporate security fixes into their versions of popular components.”

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