November 26, 2021
Possible Google Messages Nudge Feature being Copied from Gmail for Unanswered Texts

Google Messages could Soon Remind People to Reply to Unanswered Texts

Google Messages is apparently prepping its platform to support the company’s Gmail ‘nudge’ feature, prompting people to reply to unanswered texts…

Google Messages just might bring over a Gmail feature that reminds people to reply to unanswered texts. For those still unfamiliar, this is a tool that triggers a message inside a Gmail conversation that’s gone unanswered. The tech automatically puts those unanswered threads right at the top, making people decide whether or not to reply or follow up on the conversation.

Possible Google Messages ‘Nudge’ Feature being Copied from Gmail for Unanswered Texts

Google Messages’ nudge would likely work about the same way as it does in Gmail, according to an APK teardown conducted by XDA-Developers, who found the code in a recently updated beta version of the communication app. If so, it would also bring unanswered messages back to the top of the app, along with a reminder to reply or ignore the thread.

Of course, since this is only included in a beta build, it’s undergoing a test and that means it may or may not make its way out to wide, stable release. However, if it doesn’t become part of Google Messages, there’s still a manual reminder option that already exists within the application. But, that’s not as useful as an automatic nudging tool.

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