October 1, 2022
Possible Twitter 'Undo Send' Option Under Development

No, Twitter isn’t Releasing an Edit Tweet Button, but This Possible New Option Comes really Close

Twitter just might introduce a new way to manage tweets, with a possible new ‘Undo Send’ tool, that’s currently being developed…

Internet code sleuth Jane Manchun Wong has found something very interesting over at Twitter. It appears the social microblog is diligently working on a new feature that would help to satisfy the long-running desire to add an edit option to the platform. Though not quite the same, this possible new tool would bring similar functionality to the interface by way of a “Undo Send” feature.

Possible Twitter ‘Undo Send’ Option Under Development

The new Twitter Undo Send tool would ostensibly work much the same way as Google’s Gmail unsend feature. Of course, it won’t allow people to correct bad grammar or fix typos, but it will save users from the embarrassment of permanently posting such incorrect tweets. However, if Twitter does actually build the tool, it won’t be available to everyone on the social site. Instead, a spokesperson for Twitter reveals it would likely be reserved for premium subscriptions. 

Right now, it is under testing with a limited group of users. But, this doesn’t mean anyone will see the tool anytime soon. Currently, there’s no timeline for when the option might go live.

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