July 27, 2021
Potential Apple Class Action Lawsuit Targets Company over Loot Boxes

Apple could Face a Class Action Lawsuit over Complaints about Loot Boxes available in Apps on the App Store

Loot boxes, also known as “surprise mechanics,” might be the source of a new class action lawsuit against Apple, for hosting apps containing them…

The majority of gripes over loot boxes come from end-users who blame developers for contributing to bad habits, gaming addictions among them. But now, that could change in the not-too-distant future. Instead, there’s potential for the platforms that host mobile applications to face serious legal action.

Potential Apple Class Action Lawsuit Targets Company over Loot Boxes

A recent report by AppleInsider claims there’s a class action lawsuit brewing against the Apple corporation for distributing games containing loot boxes and profiting therefrom, which allegedly violates California law. The plaintiffs would purportedly charge Apple’s knowledge of loot box presence is a tacit admission these are in-fact, a form of gambling. Because of this, such contents require an “odds of wining disclosure.”

The lawsuit would cite a number of games that offer loot boxes or surprise mechanics, including, but not limited to: Mario Kart Tour, FIFA Soccer, Roblox, and Brawl Stars. The initial civil suit was filed by Rebecca Taylor, a mother whose child allegedly fell victim to the apps’ “predatory” tactics.

However, there are more hurtles to clear in order for this to be granted class action status. But, this does put Apple and other game sellers on notice about potential liabilities.

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