January 27, 2022

Spotify’s Premium Subscribers can Now Hide Songs they Don’t Like from Playlists

Spotify introduces a track hiding option for its Premium subscribers on Android and iOS, allowing them to proactively skip over songs they don’t like…

Playlists on music streaming service Spotify often serve as the best and easiest way to start listening, primarily because the tracks are already picked out. But, playlists can contain one or more songs that listeners just don’t care to hear or outright hate. Now, Premium users have a new option that allows them to avoid the tracks they most dislike.

Premium Spotify Members can Now Hide Specific Songs from Playlists

Premium Spotify subscribers can now opt to skip right past songs they don’t want to hear on Android and iOS alike. Just go to into the “context menu,” then select the offending tune and select “hide song.” That’s it. If there’s a change of heart, users can always unhide tracks they’ve previously hidden.

With this small but noteworthy improvement, Spotify continues to enhance its Premium product. Such changes can serve as a way to entice more people to upgrade to the Premium service.

Ashley Lipman

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