August 4, 2022
WordPress Free Photo Library Launches its Own Free Photo Library

A new WordPress Free Photo Library is now live, to any or Jetpack-connected site, containing thousands of images…

Finding the right image to pair with a page can prove quite difficult. While there are several sources for stock images, many of these come at a cost. And, not everyone has the time or the software to create their own content. So, just introduced a new Free Photo Library, available to all and Jetpack-connected sites.

Proprietary WordPress Free Photo Library Rolls Out

The company, run by Automattic, states it’s mission is to deliver the best possible CMS on the web. To that end, it’s constantly making improvements to better UX or user experience. Today, it’s released a new tool in the Media Library. Simply create a new post or page, open the Media Library and select “Free Photo Library” or use the “Add Media” option:

WordPress Free Photo Library menu screenshot
Credit: Automattic /

The company partnered with a free stock-image portal in January 2018. Now, it’s expanding the offering by thousands of more images. Since the company introduced it free stock image library, it’s recorded over 1 million downloads.