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Purchases on Google Now Accepting Beta Requests

Purchases on Google

It now appears Purchases on Google have quietly rolled out to Merchant Center, allowing certain select retailers to participate in the ecommerce program…

Apparently, without an official announcement, search giant Google just took the Purchases on Google program in Merchant Center out of alpha and into beta testing. First spotted by Sales and Orders, the program is now open to participation requests.

Purchases on Google Beta Requests Now Available

The e-commerce program actually dates back to July 2015, nearly two years ago, when it was first announced. At the time, shopping ads were tagged with “Buy on Google,” appearing on Android devices. Google Wallet users could make purchases from Google-hosted landing pages after clicking on ads. Under Armour and UGG are two brands who participated in the pilot program.

Credit: Google

The length of time is attributable to the challenges which come with integrating such a large-scale process. It requires integration of many programs, including tracking and data measurements. But, a few months ago, Google extended its very limited alpha testing to more devices, which include tablets. The search engine also added more retail categories.

It appears advertisers and retailers alike can submit a request form to join the beta program. Currently, the beta program is limited to the United States. Find the official Purchases on Google beta testing participation request form here. Back in April, Google released its similar items mobile images search schema.

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