July 31, 2021
Quibi Originals Now Appear on YouTube

Quibi Originals Hit YouTube, Providing a Preview of Big Screen Adoption

Quibi, the relatively new short-form video platform, has uploaded some of its original episodes to YouTube, giving its audience a big screen preview…

At this time, many entertainment consumers, particularly in younger demographics, are probably familiar with Quibi. (For those unfamiliar, Quibi is a unique, short-form, mobile-first video platform that offers original content, viewable in either landscape or portrait modes.) Since it’s a mobile-based source, and doesn’t offer casting, meaning it’s content isn’t watchable on televisions. Now, that’s changed.

Quibi Originals Now Appear on YouTube

Quibi has uploaded some of its original pilot episodes to YouTube. That offers viewers the opportunity to watch the content on their televisions, either by app or by casting. So, it’s the first time any Quibi content is viewable on a large screen.

Quibi was founded in August of 2018 and it raised $1 billion from eleven different investors and Hollywood Studios. The service went live in April of this year, featuring original, short-form video episodes that last just 10 minutes each.

What sets the company apart is the fact its content is mobile-oriented, being viewable in either landscape or portrait, with users being able to switch at-will. The YouTube uploads come just as the company ends its introductory 90-day free trial offer.

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