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Firefox will Go to a Faster-Paced Release Course Next Year, following a 4-Week Cycle

4-week Firefox release cycle

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Mozilla says it plans to jump onto a faster version release cycle for its Firefox browser, to update every four weeks, starting next year…

Browser development cycles have gotten faster over the course of the last decade. This is especially true since Google introduced its own portal, Chrome, with its six-week updates.

Mozilla followed the practice by getting on a release loose schedule, which send out upgrades between six and eight weeks. Now, the company is planning to roll out iterations quicker.

Quicker Firefox Release Cycle Planned for 2020

The new Firefox release cycle will follow of four weeks, beginning after version 71 in December. This will kick up to one week faster at a time in the first quarter of 2020.

However, major updates will only go out every twelve months. Here’s part of the official announcement by Mozilla:

“…we’re excited to announce that we’re moving to a four-week release cycle! We’re adjusting our cadence to increase our agility, and bring you new features more quickly. In recent quarters, we’ve had many requests to take features to market sooner. Feature teams are increasingly working in sprints that align better with shorter release cycles. Considering these factors, it is time we changed our release cadence.”

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