May 24, 2022
Quiz App TVSmiles Exposes Millions of Users' Data Researchers Find

This Super Popular Quiz App Exposed Millions of Users’ Personal Data, Security Researchers Find

A hugely popular mobile quiz app has suffered an enormous data security breach, exposing millions of users’ personal information…

A Berlin-based mobile advertising app that offers its users digital currency in exchange for their engagement with branded content in the form of quizzes, apps, and videos, has suffered a colossal data breach, according to a recent report published by security research firm UpGuard.

Quiz App TVSmiles Exposes Millions of Users’ Data, Researchers Find

The security organization states it discovered million of TVSmiles users’ personal information inside an unsecured Amazon S3 bucket last month. The storage container UpGuard found, exposed to the open internet a 306 GB PostgreSQL database backup with:

“…unencrypted personally identifiable information matched to individual users, profiling insights about users’ interests based on quiz responses, associations to smart devices, and accounts and login details for TVSmiles’ business relationships.”

The company reported the breach to TVSmiles on May 13th and the developer responded two days later on May 15th. The agency replied it secured the repository and thanked the security firm for alerting it to the exploit.

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