November 8, 2022
Recent Google Code Commit Reveals Five Years of Next Device Software Support

Google Says Nest Device Owners can Expect Longer Software Support than Pixel Owners

Google now says it will provide more than five years worth of software updates to Next devices, including bug fixes and security updates…

Google Nest Product Manager Ryan Campbell recently wrote in a blog post some details about safety and security. In the publication, Campbell reveals Google will provide at least five years worth of software support for its Nest smart devices, including speakers and displays. By comparison, Google’s Pixel phones received three years of updates, which the company increased to four years around February of this year.

Recent Google Code Commit Reveals Five Years of Next Device Software Support

Google recognizes that smart home devices are very important to consumers because they play vital day-to-day roles. While the tech giant doesn’t have full control over Android, it does have complete control of its newest cross-platform operating system, which is now well-known as Fuchsia. (With its own, truly proprietary OS, Google will have the ability to roll out updates without third-party changes.)

“We issue critical bug fixes and patches for at least five years after launch. We work hard to respond to the ever-changing technology and security landscape by building many lines of defense, including providing automatic software security updates that address critical issues known to Google Nest.”

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