April 28, 2021
Recent iOS 14 Leaks Reveal New Widget Functions

New iOS 14 Leaks Point to a Huge Change that People have Long Wanted

Leaks of the upcoming iOS 14 release show there’s a new feature that device owners have clamored for quite a long time…

Some leaks regarding iOS 14 point to something that’s minor in the way of functionality but massive in the way of user experience. Internally, the engineers at Apple call it “Avocado” and it is one of the most-wanted features that’s been available for a long time on rival Android.

Recent iOS 14 Leaks Reveal New Widget Functions

The new “Avocado” is related to the Springboard app that controls the iOS home screen. And, the folks over at 9to5Mac believe that it serves as a means to bring real widgets to both the iPhone and the iPad.

Instead of continuing with pinned widgets that were introduced on the iPadOS 13, the new widgets are customizable. In other words, it’s possible to move them around the screen — just like those on Android. So, users can position their iOS 14 compatible widgets anywhere on the screen.

Of course, there’s a huge caveat. The new movable iOS 14 widgets are still in the developmental stage. Meaning, they may or may not make their way out to wide release. However, there’s no guarantee they’ll become available any time soon (or at all).

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