July 31, 2021
Redbox Free Live TV Streaming Service Debuts

Redbox just Released a Free Live TV Streaming Service for the Web, also Available on Android and iOS

Redbox has quietly added a new entertainment outlet to its platform called “Free Live TV,” and it’s live on the web, as well as through its mobile apps…

As cord cutting continues to become more and more popular, streaming services are expanding their content libraries. (Meanwhile, cable companies are charging more, increasing their package prices and service fees.)

Also, in order to attract more customers, Redbox is now offering an alternative to traditional cable with a new service.

Redbox Free Live TV Streaming Service Debuts

Redbox Free Live TV is precisely what it sounds like — an ad-supported, streaming platform that offers live television programming. 

Redbox is already relatively well-known for its large network of kiosks. But, the company does more than rent physical entertainment media like DVDs and Blu-ray discs, it also has a streaming service.

Now, the company has added another service which lets people stream live television from various networks. While it doesn’t include some of the biggest names, there are many alternatives.

Current show include America’s Funniest Home VideosForensic FilesFamily FeudUnsolved Mysteries, and more.

This won’t be a replacement for other platforms, but it does give consumers more choices and without having to pay for another subscription. Redbox Free Live TV is now streaming on the company’s website and is also available on its Android and iOS mobile apps.

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