May 26, 2022
Reddit Adds Comment Search for Enhanced Search Results

Reddit just Improved its Desktop Search Results with This New Addition

Reddit has introduced a new search tool to go through comments, expanding its search capabilities for more robust results on desktop…

Reddit recently updated its desktop search functionality to include indexing comments. This means for the first time, users now have the option to pull results from other sections, such as replies to posts. The expanded search makes it easier to locate something specific outside of general posts, along with communities and people alike. The company’s move follows the addition of a discovery tab on its mobile app made back in January.

Reddit Adds Comment Search for Enhanced Search Results

Reddit explains it added the expanded search option because it was one of the most requested features users asked for in a survey sent out last year. And, during a limited trial experiment, the company claims 26,000 users used the tool on five billion comments. Right now, the comment search feature is live on desktop but it isn’t available on its mobile apps.

Reddit also updated its search experience to switch from relevance to content that’s been most interacted with by others. Meaning that instead of relying on relevance, Reddit will now rely on popularity. So, interactions with a particular search query will play a larger role in determining which results rank the highest on the platform.

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