September 15, 2022
Reddit and LinkedIn Removing Code that Records iOS Clipboard Activity

After TikTok was Found Recording iOS Users’ Keystrokes, Reddit and LinkedIn Promise to Remove Similar Code

Reddit and LinkedIn have also been discovered to record iOS users’ clipboard activities and say they’ll remove the tool from their platforms…

Last week, a group of iOS users happened to notice that TikTok was recording their keystrokes. The Chinese-backed app stated it did so but it was part of an anti-spam measure. The company said it would fix the situation. Now, two others have been discovered doing the same — Reddit and LinkedIn.

Reddit and LinkedIn Removing Code that Records iOS Clipboard Activity

This isn’t exactly a novelty. Other apps, including those available on Android, also record users’ activities. Such mobile applications as AccuWeather, Starbucks, and Call of Duty Mobile, as well as others, are known to do the same. This, after developers found the behaviors and some mobile app makers pledged to stop using the recording tools.

Both Reddit and LinkedIn blame these shenanigans on design flaws in the code. And, both stress they do not store or send clipboard data. But, at the very least, it demonstrates the iOS 14 clipboard alerts are clearly lacking in their ability. 

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