April 30, 2021
Reddit anti-harassment policies expand

Reddit Expands its Anti-Harassment Policies

Reddit is taking a tougher stance on harassment on its platform in order to make it a safer environment for its user-base…

“The front page of the internet,” Reddit, is cracking down more on harassment. The online community seeks to expand its previous rules in order to accommodate different scenarios.

Reddit Anti-Harassment Policies Expanded

Reddit will also look into user harassment reports from those who observe the actions, not just the victims or people who report bad behavior.

Reddit says it will take a bit of time to completely enforce its new rules. Some users aren’t happy with the changes, complaining they are just too vague.

“As with any rule change, this will take some time to fully enforce. Our response times have improved significantly since the start of the year, but we’re always striving to move faster. In the meantime, we encourage moderators to take this opportunity to examine their community rules and make sure that they are not creating an environment where bullying or harassment are tolerated or encouraged.”

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