August 9, 2022

Reddit Hit by DDoS Cyber Attack

Reddit Sticker
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San Francisco, California–The social news and entertainment website Reddit, was attacked early this morning by a DDoS  or Distributed Denial of Service attack, the service announced through its Twitter handle. At this time, the site is loading, though complete functionality has not yet been totally restored.

Reddit first thought the culprit to be something other than a DDoS issue, but a closer look from the site’s tech people found it was a distributed denial of service.

The person or people behind the DDoS has not yet been identified. Some have speculated that the social news and entertainment site was attacked for its call to users to crowd source images from the Boston Marathon bombings. That caused one photo to be published in the New York Post–a photo later identified as that of a high school track runner and his coach.

Reddit first tweeted, “Having some technical difficulties right now. We’ll be back ASAP,” at 5:30 EST this morning. A few minutes after 6 a.m. EST, the social media site had all but honed in on the cause, tweeting that it believed the platform was indeed under a denial of service attack.

Reddit is a privately held company and first debuted nearly eight years ago in June of 2005. Its platform is more of a social sharing site than that of unique content, like the microblog Twitter or the social network Facebook. The site allows its users to submit content via links or text and other users then rate those posts up or down. The more users vote up a particular shared post, the higher it climbs on the site.

Though not as large as other social sites like Google+, the social news site has approximately 43 million users and handles approximately 400 million unique visits per month. It records an Alexa rank of 122 and banner ads are the site’s main source of revenue. It was acquired by Condé Nast Publications in late 2006, but eventually spun off as a subsidiary of Advance Publications, which is the parent company of Condé Nast.

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