December 4, 2021
Reddit-Patreon partnership

Reddit Teams-Up with Patreon for Creators to Build Communities

A new Reddit-Patreon partnership will help creators to promote their work and to build-up communities, pertaining mostly to subreddits…

Reddit creators can now use Patreon, a crowdfunding platform to help build communities and promote their work. The partnership mostly applies to subreddits to make creators’ content more visible on the platform.

Reddit-Patreon Partnership Announced to Help Creators Monetize Communities

The new Reddit-Patreon partnership works mostly for subreddits because these are the most popular destinations for prominent creators. For example, notable YouTubers and Twitch personalities often publish subreddits as a way to interact with their fans. Some are gamers or personalities who create content around niche subjects.

Meanwhile, Patreon creators likewise use subreddits to connect with their supporters. Which makes the partnership an understandable choice.

The integration is already making its way out to a select group of Patreon creators. The program will expand in the coming days to become available to more creators by the end of this month, the company says.

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