September 20, 2022
Reddit real-time chat function

Reddit Real-Time Chat Function in Testing to Replace PM System

A new Reddit real-time chat function might come to the network to replace the old PM system, as it’s currently in limited beta testing…

Reddit, a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion platform, is currently testing a new real-time chat function. The site, with 542 million users still relies on an old PM or private messaging system. 

Reddit Real-Time Chat Function in Beta as Possible PM System Replacement

At this time, the site’s developers are focusing on an one-on-one chat experience, according to Mashable. But, group messaging might come in the future. This move comes after its biggest announcement to date. Just a couple of months ago, CEO Steve Huffman announced the company’s intended website redesign. That refresh would probably be similar to that of Facebook. 

The new Reddit real-time chat function looks much like the Facebook Messenger window. It contains tiny boxes aligned with the bottom right corner of the display. And, it has one for each separate conversation.

Reddit’s developing the chat function because its users must leave the platform to collaborate. Third-party services, such as Discord and Slack, presently fill that collaborative need.

Some users have already voiced concern the new chat function might create a spammy experience. But, say using a filtering strategy, like invitation only, might be the answer.