July 3, 2022
Reddit Reportedly Exploring TikTok Style Video Production Tools

Now, Even Reddit is Tinkering with TikTok Style Video Features

Reddit is rumored to be working on developing its own proprietary video creation and distribution, following the popular TikTok trend…

Reddit is one of the last social sites anyone would instantly (or probably) associate with video, but that could change in the not too distant future. According to several news reports, the commentary platform is in the early stages of building its own video suite, which seems at this point to be somewhat similar to TikTok. Although this sounds like a strange proposition, the once self-proclaimed “Home of the Internet’ just might find real value in adding a video component.

Reddit Reportedly Exploring TikTok Style Video Production Tools

Reddit certainly isn’t widely well known for being a video hub, yet that’s where the company might foray, bringing another set of attractive options to its discussion portal. Right now, Reddit is a go-to resource for all kinds of information, but it hasn’t really grown in its entertainment offerings.

The undeniable rise of short-form video has completely transformed the world’s most prominent social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. The format has even found its way into YouTube and it doesn’t appear to be something that’s going away anytime soon. Reddit knows this, so it’s probably worth a try to see if its loyal contributors take to it or not.

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