October 3, 2022
Redditor Discovers URL Trick to Remove Ads from YouTube Videos

Sick of Seeing Ads on YouTube? It’s Possible to Remove them with This Simple URL Trick — Here’s How

There is an effective but strange way to remove ads from YouTube videos, although it requires a bit of manual manipulation to make it work…

YouTube rules supreme as the depot of video hosting. It’s so popular, the video hosting platform earned a whopping $15.1 billion in revenue last year alone. Of course, the site does this through monetization by displaying ads. But, most users don’t particularly relish the ad-supported format, though they tolerate it. Now, a Redditor has stumbled on a way to remove YouTube ads, with an easy URL trick.

Redditor Discovers URL Trick to Remove Ads from YouTube Videos

Until now, the only truly effective way to remove ads from YouTube was to upgrade to its premium service. Meaning, having to pay a monthly subscription for the privilege. Or, to install an ad-blocker — that might also cost money. (Though the latter could result in causing playback issues or other problems.)

It turns out, that there is a way to get around ad interruptions on YouTube. All that’s necessary is the insertion of a common character right in the URL address. And, best of all, it can work for the mobile site, as well as on desktop. But, it won’t work for the standalone Android or iOS app.

How to Remove YouTube Ads Manually

To remove YouTube ads, all one must do is simply place one more character in the web address. Here’s how to do it: place an extra period after the .com in the string. For example, instead of going to youtube.com/somevideo, enter youtube.com./somevideo in the address bar on desktop.

Now, we’ll wait for an enterprising developer to create a Chrome extension that automatically inserts the extra period to filter out advertisements.

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