June 23, 2022
redesigned Facebook desktop website

Facebook Begins Revealing its Overhauled Website for Some and it Comes with a Dark Mode

Facebook is slowly releasing its newly revamped website for desktop and it contains a dark theme but it has its drawbacks…

During F8 2019, Facebook revealed it would roll out a redesign for its web interface and mobile apps. Shortly after, the new Android experience appeared but it’s only now the desktop UI is starting to show up. 

Redesigned Facebook Desktop Website Starts going Live

In the past several days, some users have reported seeing a prompt to try the new website. Once accepted, users see an option to run the regular layout or a dark theme. (It’s also accessible in the quick settings, located from the top right avatar.)

As with just about any change, not everyone likes the redesign. Some users report in certain dark mode screens, text becomes hard to read.

At this time, there’s apparently no way to manually trigger the refresh.

Savannah Marie

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