September 11, 2021
WhatsApp Group privacy settings

Whats App has Tweaked a Privacy Setting that Lets Users choose Who Adds them to Groups and Here’s How to Use It

WhatsApp has honed a new privacy setting for Group chats, giving people the option to opt out of being added to unwanted conversations…

Back in October, WhatsApp quietly rolled out an option to opt-out of unsolicited Group chats. Until then, anyone could add anyone else to group conversations. Unsuspecting individuals could find they’ve been added without their prior consent. Now, that’s changed in a good way.

Refined WhatsApp Group Privacy Settings Now Rolling Out Widely

The new WhatsApp group privacy settings are apparently aimed at tackling the very real problem of unwanted group chats. Prior to this introduction, anyone added to unsolicited group chats has to manually leave the conversations.

Although, the latest tool differs from its predecessor. In the first iteration, users could choose to allow anyone to add them to group conversations. Or, reserve the right to their contacts or no one at all.

Now, WhatsApp lets users to pick specific people who are given permission to add them to groups.

Here’s how to enable the new privacy setting on WhatsApp:

  1. Open WhatsApp on a phone.
  2. Go to Settings > Accounts > Privacy > Groups.
  3. Select “My contacts except for…” option.
  4. Add contacts whose groups it’s okay to join, to the list.

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