September 26, 2021
remastered YouTube music videos

UMG and YouTube Team Up to Remaster Hundreds of Music Videos to Upgrade them to 1080p HD

Hundreds to thousands of remastered YouTube music videos are coming to the platform, courtesy of Universal Music Group…

Practically everyone has experienced the jubilation and then disappointment of finding a vintage music video on YouTube only to discover its poor visual quality.

That problem won’t be as pervasive going into the future, thanks to a partnership between Universal Music Group and YouTube.

Hundreds of Remastered YouTube Music Videos are On the Way

With the team-up, hundreds to eventually thousands of music videos will be upgraded from standard definition to 1080p HD. 

The remastered videos will replace the originals. Meaning, the updated music videos will maintain the same URLs, view counts, likes, and more as before. Said videos will be identifiable through hashtag #Remastered and “Remastered in HD!” label in the description.

Artists already include Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, Lionel Richie, Tom Petty, and Boys II Men, just to name a few. So, get onto YouTube and seek out nostalgia and enjoy high quality entertainment.

Ashley Lipman

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