November 2, 2022
redesigned Google Assistant updates tab

Google is Experimenting with a Reorganized and Redesigned Updates Tab for the Google Assistant

Google is currently testing a whole new look for its updates tab on the Google Assistant, making noticeable changes with the UI…

There’s already a new Google Assistant on the Pixel 4, but the latest experience mostly revolves around voice commands. But now, it looks as though Google is in the midst of experimenting with a different experience. 

Reorganized, Redesigned Google Assistant Updates Tab Test Spotted

The test version of the Google Assistant updates tab reduces the header text and includes more gradients than before. The greeting now appears in the upper left, with the day’s forecast in a block below. Also, the action buttons, which previously appeared under the greeting and weather, is gone. 

Overall, it’s a cleaner, more organized look, with plenty of function included. Check out the tweet below to see the cards in-action.

Google Assistant updates tab makeover comparison old versus new
Credit: Eduardo Pratti / Android Police

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