November 8, 2022
YouTube Kids

Report Reveals Google might Move All Children’s Content from YouTube to YouTube Kids

Google is reportedly considering moving all children’s content from YouTube over YouTube Kids, in the wake of several scandals…

There’s no shortage of scandals plaguing social media and YouTube is no exception. (Sure, it’s not exactly traditional social media, but it’s the largest video platform on the web and the second most-used search engine behind parent company Google.)

Report Reveals Google might Move All Children’s Content from YouTube to YouTube Kids

Now, a recent report from The Wall Street Journal reveals executives over at the video hosting site are “debating moving all children’s content into a separate product.”

If the move is indeed made, it would mean young viewers would use YouTube Kids as their primary site or app for video entertainment.

That isn’t all under discussion. Apparently, there are a number of YouTube employees who are pushing the company to remove recommendations which  auto-play new videos.

These two changes come with significant risk for the main platform.

One example is advertising. Right now, children’s content is among the most popular on the main site. So, ad dollars, on which YouTube relies, might be in jeopardy to some degree or another.

Then, there’s the audience consideration. Young viewers, ages 8 to 12 are accustom to YouTube, more so than YouTube Kids. Those viewers, who help to influence parents about purchase decisions, might not like the change.

However, it would help the company to mitigate potential problems, being able to better curate content that’s appropriate.

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