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Report Claims Millions of PCs Still Run Internet Explorer Even though Microsoft has Officially Killed it Off

Report Reveals Nearly Half of Windows 10 Devices Still Run Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is officially dead, with Microsoft ending support yesterday in favor of Edge, but millions of PCs still haven’t switched…

Internet Explorer made its debut on August 16, 1995, nearly twenty-seven years ago. Microsoft officially retired the browser with its last iteration, IE 11, only yesterday. The software giant has replaced IE with Edge, but apparently, millions of PCs haven’t made the switch over. Instead, many continue to run Windows 10 – which Microsoft will support until October 14, 2025 – with Internet Explorer. This, according to a recent report by TechRadar.

Report Reveals Nearly Half of Windows 10 Devices Still Run Internet Explorer

Research from Lansweeper reveals that almost half of Windows 10 machines will need to update. That’s equivalent to millions of computers. If those devices are not updated, they’ll be open to cyberattacks and other malicious activity, since Internet Explorer is no longer being supported by Microsoft. However, Edge is the next-generation browser and it’s been entirely overhauled from previous versions to a relatively new one, built on Google’s Chromium.

But, it’s not just people and businesses running outdated browsers. Lansweeper found during its research that 79% of PCs it surveyed were not running Windows 1 or even the most recent version of Windows 10. In fact, the company discovered the most popular iteration was Windows 10, a version released in 2004.

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