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Retailer Target Jumps into the Online Marketplace with Target+ to Compete with Amazon

Target Plus

Target+ is a new online marketplace, integrated into the company’s main website, partnering with select brands to take on Amazon…

Well-known retailer Target is going up again Amazon with a new, third-party online marketplace called Target+.

However, this will differ in that the company won’t let just anyone sign-up as a seller. Instead, the corporation is launching Target Plus through an invitation-only program. In other words, Target will pick who it brings on-board.

Retailer Target Launches Target Plus, a New Online Marketplace

The new Target+ online marketplace already includes sporting goods manufacturer Mizuno and Kaplan, an educational toy maker. And, others will follow in the future.

The reason for such selective partnerships is to avoid problems Amazon experienced in the past. For instance, in the past year alone, Amazon came under public fire for allowing white supremacist products. (Amazon’s selling policies clearly prohibit “hatred-glorifying” goods.)

Also, by teaming up with reputable organizations, Target+ won’t have to vet them or rely on them behaving appropriately. This should help to reduce the number of unsatisfied customers and likewise cut down on negative reviews.

Target+ products won’t appear in a separate section. Instead, the retailer will integrate all those goods right inside its existing site.

While this does have a downside of not being able to search specifically by Target+ products, it does mean customers can use their REDCard accounts and receive any applicable discounts.

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