August 8, 2022
Revamped Google Camera App Now Rolling Out to Older Pixel Phones

Google’s Revamped Camera App is Now Apparently Rolling Out to Older Pixel Models

Google recently made a number of improvements to its camera app for the debut of the Pixel 5, and now, the app appears to hitting older models…

The Pixel 5 received some key benefits its predecessors don’t yet have. One example is an extensive overall of its camera app, which includes a totally redone user interface. Version 8.0 shipped with new Pixel devices. However, some phone owners who attempted to manually install the APK found it didn’t work. But, it appears that Google is starting to bring the refreshed camera app to older Pixel phones with version 8.1.

Revamped Google Camera App Now Rolling Out to Older Pixel Phones

Some Pixel owners with older models have taken to social media to report their handhelds have received the update through the official Google Play Store. At this time, it isn’t clear that Google is releasing the latest version for all of its older Pixel models, or if it’s just rolling it out to Pixel 4s to start. What’s peculiar is that the update does not include all of the new camera features that are found on newer Pixel phones. However, it does include the revamped interface.

Plus, the older models receiving some of the better tools, including improved zoom controls, a wide-angle portrait mode, and a handful more of smaller changes for the better.

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