November 26, 2021
Robocalls Steeply Decline Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Shutdowns

The Coronavirus Pandemic is having This Strange Effect on Robocalls but there’s No Guarantee It will Last

Turns out that COVID-19 and robocalls have an inverse relationship, so enjoy it while it lasts because experts predict a spike is coming…

If it seems like robocalls have been less of a nuisance lately, that’s because far fewer have been going out. In fact, the number of automated spam, solicitation, and scam calls have substantially dropped off in the past few months. And, this reprieve has a lot to do with the global pandemic and subsequent shutdowns.

Robocalls Steeply Decline Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Shutdowns

Almost 26 billion scam calls were placed last year in 2019, 44 percent of which were robocalls. Another 8 billion telemarketing calls went out in the US, of which, 14 percent were automated. All together, there were at least 34 billion robocalls placed last year. This year was supposed to be just as bad, if not worse. But, something happened: the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Because of it, stay-at-home orders went out in many countries. So, people normally working callback centers to handle inquiries weren’t there to man the phone lines. This caused robocalling firms to pull back, since there weren’t employees to take incoming calls. The result, a 50 percent drop in robocalls, according to the CEO of YouMail, Alex Quilici, who tells KSLTV:

“As everything slowed down, there’s more social distancing and companies in the U.S. closed their call centers and (the volume of robocalls) dropped. When India closed their centers and Pakistan and the Philippines, when they locked down their call centers – all closed completely.”

However, this isn’t expected to last. As various cities and regions open up, the number of robocalls will increase. And, there could be a sharp rise to make up for lost time.

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