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Roku Streaming Devices Now Support the Apple Music App

Roku Adds the Apple Music App Added to its Streaming Devices

Credit: Roku / Apple

Roku has introduced an app for Apple Music, bringing the entertainment suite to all its streaming devices, but it has its limitations…

Roku recently announced it now supports Apple Music through a new app, and it’s already available on its streaming devices. It offers yet another choice for entertainment, as Roku continues to support more types of media. This follows Amazon’s Fire TV, which received an Apple Music app back in 2019. Since that time, it’s also made its way onto the PS5 — although it doesn’t seem to be available on Xbox or Switch.

Roku Adds the Apple Music App Added to its Streaming Devices

The new Apple Music app on Roku is a step toward the evolving landscape of home entertainment. Improved wired and wireless speakers, along with soundbars offer some of the best audio experiences. So, it makes sense to bring music to streaming devices and televisions. But, the new app for Roku doesn’t yet have all the bells and whistles listeners are used to.

For instance, the new Apple Music app for Roku does not currently support lossless and spatial audio. Such features can be found outside the Apple ecosystem, but there are few places they’re available. For instance, Android’s Apple Music app includes lossless and spatial audio, but they aren’t very common on other platforms compatible with televisions. Of course, Apple TV 4K does support some forms.

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