November 3, 2022
Roku bans and removes web browsers

Roku Reinforces its Ban on Web Browsers, Removing Several from the Channel Store

Roku has removed several third-party web browsers from its official channel store, reinforcing its ban on the internet portals…

Just recently, several third-party web browsers somehow miraculously appeared in the official Roku Channel Store. But, just as quickly as they became available, Roku abruptly removed them from the platform.

Roku Bans and Removes Web Browsers

Roku has a long-standing policy about prohibiting web browsers on its system. However, some users wondered if the company had changed its rules with the appearance of third-party applications.

Turns out, that’s just not the case and Roku unceremoniously took them out of its Channel Store, leaving no trace behind.

This has been a point of curiosity for many Roku owners for sometime now. It’s strange an internet based product would not have its own internet browser. While there are certain channels that act as browsers, these largely lack the function of true web browsers.

Roku’s developer guidelines state the following, regarding web browsers:

“Content and Application Nesting Not Permitted: Channel does not include third-party content offerings, nor does it allow use of browsers or applications within the channel or cross-functionality with other Roku channels.”

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