July 3, 2022
Roku Debuts its New Roku Channel Mobile App for Android and iOS

Roku Releases a New Mobile App Featuring its Own Channel

Roku is out with a new mobile app for Android and iOS, which makes the Roku Channel portable, complete with live entertainment and premium content…

Streamers continue to benefit from more and more choices. Now, one of the industry leaders is out with a new mobile app. Roku has unveiled its Roku Channel app for Android and iOS, which boasts tons of free, on-demand entertainment. There are over 115 live channels, plus it provides in-app access to premium subscription content. It’s yet another step in an ongoing effort to take a sizable market share of the streaming industry.

Roku Debuts its New Roku Channel Mobile App for Android and iOS

The Roku Channel app offers viewers thousands of free, ad-supported movies and television shows. There’s also plenty of free content that spans a variety of genres, including news, weather, sports, food, home improvement, reality TV, science fiction, true crime, kids’ entertainment, and more.

“We’re making streaming easier and more accessible for everyone. Whether you own a Roku device or not, The Roku Channel’s vast catalog of free, live and premium content is now available to you while on the go. Introducing The Roku Channel mobile app, an all-new dedicated mobile app that lets you enjoy a wide variety of free on-demand entertainment, including more than 115 live channels, as well as access to premium subscription content you’re subscribed to (through The Roku Channel), directly on your iOS and Android mobile devices.”

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