October 25, 2021
Roku device Google Assistant support

Roku Owners can Now use Google Assistant to Control their Devices

Roku device Google Assistant support is now out and working, just a few weeks after the tech company announced its impending arrival…

Only a few weeks ago, Google said it would add Roku support to its digital assistant. Now, it’s here and ready to use. Roku device owners, with OS version 8.1, can now link Google Assistant to their peripherals (or to their Roku accounts) to control core functions using just a “on Roku” suffix.

Roku Device Google Assistant Support goes Live

Once linked, the new Roku device-Google Assistant support does things like launch channels, search for shows and movies, as well as control playback. Roku TV owners can switch on their sets, turn the volume up or down, and switch inputs. 

Although it does provide some control, it’s not exactly a replacement for proprietary remotes. It won’t do everything. And, because it requires the “on Roku” command, it might tongue-tie some people.

Furthermore, it’s not exclusive, so for those already using Alexa and other assistants, there’s probably no good reason to switch.

What’s most ironic, is with the advance of technology, there’s more fracturing. Meaning, there are more and more digital assistants which can control some features on many devices but very few can or do control most or all features on one or more devices.

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