July 4, 2022
Roku Google Movies and TV Info Card Support Disappears

Roku (Apparently) Removes Info Cards from Google Play Movies & TV

Roku players previously supported Info Cards within the Google Play Movies and TV app, but the option has disappeared from the settings menu…

One of the most useful and neatest features about Google Play Movies & TV is its ability to give viewers on-the-fly information about actors in any given scene. This feature is made possible by what Google calls Info Cards, which draw data from the web in order to provide key points like the actor’s name and filmography. Recently though, the tool stopped working and there’s a couple of possible explanations as to why.

Roku Google Movies & TV Info Card Support Disappears

At some point and time in recent weeks, the Info Card preferences disappeared from the settings menu inside the Google Play Movies & TV app on Roku televisions. Previously, there was a toggle on/off option that allowed viewers to see actors info when pausing a film or show episode. Now, that particular command is no longer appearing within the settings menu on at least some Roku devices.

There are a couple of possible explanations for the tool’s disappearance. One is that Google requires devices to be compatible with Android 4.0 or higher to support the feature and if a device isn’t up to that standard, it can’t run the feature. Alternatively, it could be a temporary technical issue between the two operating systems, forcing the removal of the feature.

While neither of these may be the actual explanation, anecdotal reports from users say before the option was removed from the settings menu, it failed to work, even when it was toggled on manually. This suggests its removal was planned and intentional.

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