June 23, 2022
Roku in Danger of Losing Amazon Prime Video Over Data Access Rights

Roku Might also Lose Amazon Prime Video and Not just YouTube

Roku is already set to lose YouTube in December and now, Amazon Prime Video could also leave over a fight about IMDB TV and other data requests…

Roku will tentatively lose the rights to YouTube Thursday, December 9th. This, over a very long, ongoing argument about Google wanting to collect various types of data from the streaming provider. But, that might not be the only popular entertainment portal in jeopardy. This time, it’s due to another contract dispute about Amazon’s secondary video service, IMDB TV and of course, data collection.

Roku in Danger of Losing Amazon Prime Video Over Data Access Rights

The Information recently reported the two tech entities are at odds over data. Unsurprisingly, Amazon wants as many metrics as possible. The company has been steadily expanding on IMDB TV’s offerings and packages both its secondary video service together with Amazon Prime Video. Therefore, if an agreement can’t be reached, neither will enjoy support once the current arrangement comes to an end.

Amazon will most certainly request access to more data in its negotiation over the next contract. And, that’s become a sticking point between content providers and hardware makers. (It’s the same underlying tension that has Google feuding with Roku.) What’s more, Amazon is expected to grow its library to include more original content and established titles. So, Roku just may be in an untenable situation in which it can’t afford to lose.

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