July 3, 2022
Roku is Testing a Rechargeable Remote with Customizable Buttons

Roku is Experimenting with a New Remote that has a Built-In Battery and Customizable Buttons

Roku is working on a new remote that can be recharged, has customizable buttons, and expands its voice command capabilities considerably…

Roku is developing a new voice remote. It’s one that sports a number of improvements on previous models. And, it appears to sell at just $30, making it all the more worthwhile. In fact, it gives streamers quite a bit more options. These include more voice commands, a rechargeable battery, as well as some other elements that will make it far more useful than older versions.

Roku is Testing a Rechargeable Remote with Customizable Buttons

The new Roku Voice Remote Pro ditches the need for disposable batteries and instead includes a rechargeable battery. As the name states, it comes equipped with a microphone and also an audio jack, along with customizable buttons. It additionally gives streamers the ability to find lost remotes with relative ease. A spokesperson for Roku told The Streamable:

“We’re always working on bringing new products and features to Roku users, and part of that process is publicly testing new ideas with a small set of our customers. It’s easily the best remote Roku has put out to date. It incorporates all the features of the other top-tier remotes while also adding ‘Hey Roku’-style voice control (that works really well in my experience) and a built-in battery.”

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