May 26, 2022
Roku OS 11 Introduces Personal Photo Screensaver Option and More

The Next Roku Update will Let Viewers Set their Photos as Screensavers

Roku is bringing a couple of new features to its OS 11 edition, including setting personal photos as screensavers and new audio options…

Roku continues to make neat improvements with each new iteration. With its upcoming update, there’ll be more options for viewers to enjoy. More particularly, to personalize the experience in a whole new way. Plus, the ability to tweak the sound, with five different output audio dynamics. (The latter of which is accessible simply by pressing the Star button on the company remote or the mobile app.)

Roku OS 11 Introduces Personal Photo Screensaver Option and More

Roku OS 11 will give viewers the power to set their screensavers to personal pictures. What’s more, there’s a share feature for family and friends. So, others can add their photos, creating shared albums. Basically, the new option allows people to transform their Roku devices into personal digital picture frames. It’s similar to the same features found on smart displays.

At the same time, the update will introduce new sound modes – dubbed “Standard,” “Dialogue,” “Movie,” “Music,” and “Night.” Obviously, this lets viewers select the output that’s most appropriate for what they’re watching. Meanwhile, there’ll also be a new “What to Watch” section that does precisely what the name implies.

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