September 16, 2022
Roku pop-up related interactive ads

Roku TVs are Now Displaying Interactive Pop-Ups during Related Commercials

Roku TVs are now beginning to show interactive, pop-up ads during related commercials, increasing its advertising prowess…

Last year, during a broadcast, Roku CEO Anthony Wood revealed the company was actually in the advertising business, rather than the hardware business.

Since that time, the streaming service has launched the Roku Channel and made other moves which support that notion.

Roku TV Interactive Pop-Ups Start Appearing

Now, Roku TVs are starting to display interactive, pop-up ads which overlay against related commercials, according to Cord Cutters News.

For instance, in the example below, an interactive pop-up appears on top of a Geico commercial.

The new pop-ups build on Roku’s existing Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology — something it debuted in 2017.

Basically, the technology automatically identifies what users are watching on broadcast and triggers alerts when those shows come to streaming services.

Unfortunately, this restricts users from disabling the “More Ways to Watch” feature. To do so, simply toggle off the “Use Information from TV Inputs” in the privacy section of the settings menu.

Roku pop up interactive ads
Credit: Cord Cutters News

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